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Commercial advertisements shooting in Barcelona
Commercial advertisements shooting in Barcelona

Commercial advertisements shooting in Barcelona

Is your company planning to shoot a spot ? In UVEME we are dedicated to filming spots . We have the latest technology and over 15 years experience in the conceptualization, the planning and production of commercials .


Catalunya is a full set of landscapes , towns , monuments and unique buildings. We can identify all the perfect locations you may need for your next video project .

Barcelona is a city where a lot of advertising is being created on a daily basis. In Barcelona are given many good circumstances , exceptional luminosity,  good weather throughout the year , architecture , good professionals, etc.

Catalonia has a Mediterranean climate with over 300 days of sunshine a year , 10 hours per day of light in winter and 15 in summer. A typical Mediterranean climate temperature , despite significant variations that occur based on geographic region . Also a balanced rainfall , with rainfall mainly in the months of April and May, and moderate annual average rainfall ( 350 to 700ml ) .

For this and many other circunsancias , our city is chosen to shoot advertising and commercials that are broadcasted all over the world.

You can rely on UVEME

There are many things to consider when developing a Advertising Spot : the messages , the plot , the actors, the script , locations , diffusion, the channel or platform to reach the target audience, etc. . Whether the idea is clear or not, it is much better to rely on true professionals.

From conceptualization to production and realization , in UVEME we can develop a budget for shooting and advertising SPOT that will adapt to customer needs .